“The strenght of the team is each individual member.
The strenght of each member is the team.”


Nobo Architects is an architecture and design office founded in 2005 in Istanbul.

Based on it’s experience, Nobo Architects has specialized in Offices, Advertising Agencies, Child Care / Playground Facilities, Residential, Retail and Hospitality.

Through Nobo’s signature design approach, Nobo develops a comprehensive, bespoke plan suited to each individual project resulting in comfortable, luxurious spaces reflective of its client needs, interests, and lifestyles. We -NOBO Team- believe that the most beautiful interiors are also the most personal. Nobo Architects commits itself in creating unique, elegant, detail oriented and long lasting design implemented in a timely and quality manner.

Inventive use of space, materials, custom details, artistic approach to interior design and superior client servicing are the creative hallmarks of Nobo’s practice.

Nobo Architects is a full service design firm including Branding, Concept Development, Project Management, Custom Furniture Design and Styling. We offer all services related to the interior, and take great pride in guiding clients through the new build and/or renovation process.

Since 2011, Nobo Architects has provided its services including concept development, project management, budget keeping and and control services in Turkey, France and Monaco.

Cigdem Barkinay Jung / Paris


With over 15 years of experience in the design profession, Cigdem has often serves simultaneously as a project manager, designer and is adapt in space planning, furniture specifications, on-site construction coordination and fostering client relations.

Her expertise has widespread knowledge of materials, furnishings and construction methods related to interior design. As a principle designer and her laser eye for detail, love of epic challanges and her achitectural insights, Jung creates all initial design concepts, sources materials and finishes, oversees the entire design process for each project. She agrees with Charles Eames that the details are not details, they make the design. For her, process is just as important as the end result. Cigdem Barkınay Jung is dedicated to creating timelessly elegant interiors with a solid character uniquely tailored to each specific client. Her design philosophy features a refine use of sophistificated colours, natural materials, sensual textures and exquisite accessories.
Cigdem with her family lives in the South France, she shares her time between Istanbul-Nice-Paris.


Gizem Büyüktürkoglu / Istanbul

Architect // Interior Designer

As an architect, interior designer, editor in-chief, trader, Gizem is known for her versatility. Neither minimalism, nor extravagance. Balance and osmosis is what Gizem is after. Despite her definitive academic training in Architecture, she had the chance to learn using

her creativity in multiways.

Writing for magazines about design and art, running her own e-commerce business, restless visits to many art & design fairs, a long time in design industry, she has honed her distint eye for style and a lifetime appreciating beauty in all of it’s forms.
As Cigdem Barkınay Jung, Gizem is driven by timeless pieces and exploring the new. She is muchly motivated by working with young artisans, exclusive list of vendors, curating paired down spaces with a great attention to their context and purpose.
In collobration with Cigdem Barkınay Jung, her mission in Nobo Architects is to conceive timeless interiors that elevate the human spirit. Even if it’s contemporary, always with a weighty dose of history and references infused into it to produce a timeless yet timely scenario.


Samiye Aksoy / NY

Interior Architect

Over 16 years experience in commercial & residential design, Samiye Aksoy is especially specialized on residential design and construction.Her design approach is oriented creating a home that supports and enhances family’s chosen rituals and lifestyle.

Samiye Aksoy has a natural talent in emphasizing eclectic approach using bold colors, clear finishes, special details with art pieces. She creates timeless spaces perfectly functioned with her bohemian and eclectic touches. In her designs several materials, textures and styles are blended in harmony. As she believes that the most beautiful interiors are also the most personal, Samiye Aksoy loves to integrate client’s objects collected in years into her interiors initially.
She is capable of designing, cooperating constructions & running client’s budgets. In her work with clients, Aksoy values mutual respect, mutual trust and mutual empathy. She believes that these are the underlying conditions for effective cooperation.


Ezgi Eker Öke / Istanbul

Interior Architect

Ezgi Eker Öke worked for Lotus Construction Company for three years where she had a lot of experience in the field, which she refers that 3 years of experience in the field as, “The Kitchen”. Ezgi Eker Oke needs to be on foot. She loves to be on site and loves to travel a lot

for inspiration.

She believes one of the major components of her designs are the choosen accessories, in her term “The Make-Up”. Ezgi is adapt in space planning, furniture specifications and on-site construction coordination.

Ezgi Eker Öke, at the same time, is teaching Interior Design at Lasalle Academy in Istanbul.



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Residential | Istanbul


Workspace | Istanbul


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Workspace | Istanbul


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Concept Development

Thanks to it’s technical team which has been built over the last 10 years, Nobo Architects can provide key hold project service to it’s clients from concept development to custom furniture design & styling.

Concept Development is the stage where our client’s vision is conceptualized. Considering numerous design parameters -such as the client’s lifestyle, flow of the space, the constraints of existing fixed building elements, and flexibility for accommodating future space needs- a thoughtful design concept is generated with moodboards and 3D renderings. This generated concept is used as a framework for all design decisions.
Throughout the construction process, regular site visits take place to ensure accuracy in the build. Nobo Architects believes communication is essential to the development of the project. All changes throughout the process are issued through written documentation of site instructions and approved by clients before processed.


Interior Styling

Our furniture and fabric choices are individually sourced for each project and always driven by quality and enduring style. During the final stages of our design process we ensure that all open shelving,

tables, work stations and other areas where accessorizing is required are stylized so that our clients are left with a complete, curated look. If required, Nobo Architects can give styling package service only, apart from the construction.

Custom Furniture Design

Nobo’s custom furniture pieces are hand tailored and designed to suit individual spaces and clients needs. Each luxury piece is assembled with exclusive material combinations and built by our dedicated artisans and workshops.




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